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Reconstruction and Mohs Surgery

As a patient undergoing Mohs Micrographic surgery, your reconstruction is often performed at the same time as the cancer resection. This process often contributes to the length of the surgical day but allows the entire process to be completed in one sitting.

Patients often want to know how a defect is going to be reconstructed or what kind deformity they might be left with at the beginning of the day. Unfortunately, this information is not really possible to give at this time. The best method for managing a wound created during tumor removal by MMS is only truly possible once the cancer is excised. When the final defect is created, the surgeon will discuss management options with the patient and tailor the reconstruction to the patient. The reconstruction always prioritizes function and aesthetics of the local anatomy.

The vast majority of ACMS Mohs surgeons are dermatologists by formal training. They have all received fellowship training in general reconstruction. There are, 5 plastic surgeons in North America (one in Canada) that are ACMS surgeons. These surgeons have highly advanced and extensive reconstructive experience and are able to address highly complex surgical defects. In the event that any Mohs surgeon is uncomfortable with the extent of the reconstruction required, they may refer the patient to a plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat surgeon) or oculoplastic surgeon (ophthalmologist) for further care.